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Manual Gear

Whether you are a complete beginner, someone who has had a few lesson and know the basics, or someone that is almost at test standard, I can help you with your manual driving lessons.

Pass Plus

Want to gain further driving experience after you have passed your practical driving test?

Then why not take up the pass plus course?


£36 per hour

£175 Block 5 hours

£340 Block 10 hours

£45 per hour Motorway lessons

Automatic Gear

unfortunately I can not offer Automatic lessons at the moment.

Motorway Lessons

Are you nervous about driving on the Motorway? Why not get some experience and gain some confidence on them?

Call now to get your Motorway lesson booked in.

Motorway & refresher lessons £40 per hour

Book your lessons now

Phone  07773775603


Want To Schedule Your First Lesson?
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